FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK >>> Freebitco in for Android

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK AUTO ROLL (without captcha) + 100 REWARD POINTS + 1000% BONUS 2020 for Android Device.

Earn bitcoin and crypto for free!
BitBot is a reward claiming app that helps you claim free crypto while you're asleep.

The app is built for users who don't have to solve captcha to earn "FREE BTC" rewards. It will claim rewards automatically every hour so you can earn more satoshis from the "FREE BTC" game.

Developer: Chlegou

***Benefits of BitBot:
- Continuous FREE BTC rewards.
- More Reward tickets.
- More Reward bonuses! you could activate reward bonuses, you will earn more!
- More Lottery tickets.

- Maximum of interest, since your balance will grow fast!!

- BitBot works perfectly when ignoring battery optimizations. Although BitBot is Battery friendly app, it's required so Android System let it work infinitely

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Instructions :

Important: This is the old version of the free Bitco Auto roll and it works well on all the devices. The new version has severe drawbacks, hence u need to make sure that your play store Automatic updates are turned off.

Step 1 : Create an Account in Free

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Step: 2 Login To your Freebitco account inside the Bit Bot

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Step: 3 Enable 2FA Authentication to Secure your Account.

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Step 4: No Click on the Sync button to sync your Freebitco account with Bit Bot

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Step: 5 If you are new to a free bitcoin account you will get captcha to claim and hence you will have to claim it manually. Once you reach 500 RP you can get the option to remove captcha.

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Step 6: Click on the Start Button and you are good to go every hour it will automatically claim your bitcoin.

FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Every 24-hour kindly check and sync you account with Bit Bot  
FreeBitcoin Auto Roll APK

Download freebitco Auto-Roller for Android Click Here

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