Top 10 Best Places to Post Your Free Content

Best Places to Promote your Blog

Top 10 Best Places to Post Your Free Content

The growing trend of the success of most online businesses nowadays is greatly dependent on the viability of content-rich articles that are used as a primary alternative to advertising. This feasible type of promotion is known as article marketing.

Through article marketing, the business is promoted with the use of articles that has the writerís ìresource boxî placed at the bottom of each write-up.

This concept was, basically, patterned after the idea that the reason why most people browse the Internet is to gain information and not just for entertainment, like what it was used to be.

Nowadays, as the Internet consistently grows and expands, rendering more feasible means of eliminating lifeís petty problems, more and more people are enticed to use the net.

For this reason, most online businesses have come up with an idea that the style of marketing and promotion on the net should not be patterned with the same concept that their tangible counterpart is using.

On the Net, you do not have to spend more money just to advertise your products. The only tool that you need in order to promote your business is for you to write some articles that will help other people in their daily lives.

Therefore, if you have your articles ready, the problem now lies in where you will post your articles. In reality, there are thousands of sites that are available for your free content. However, not all of them will generate traffic to your site.

The important thing in choosing the places where you will post your article is to find those that will generate more traffic. These are the sites that have high traffic, which, generally means they have many visitors. Once these visitors are redirected to your site, there will be more chances of boosting your sales. However, it is important that the traffic that you have generated should be targeted on your particular market preference. This is because if you have posted your articles on a website that does not cater to your targeted market, then, everything will be put to waste.

Therefore, for those who wish to find the best places to post your free contend and increase your sales, here is a list of the top ten sites that will work best for you:

1. Article directories

Article directories are websites that primarily cater to different kinds of articles that provide a wide variety of information.

With article directories, you get to list down all of your articles in one website. However, it is a one-way place for your free content, which means people can only read your articles and not use them as contents on their own websites.

2. Article banks

On the other hand, article banks are considered as two-way websites, which means that people can read and use your article as long as they include your resource box every time they post your article.

Like banking institutions, writers like you will ìdepositî free content on the article banks. Then, some websites will ìwithdrawî them as long as they will pay the ìinterest. î The interest refers to the ìresource boxî that the website owner will have to post along with the article that they will use.

3. Search engines

The most common site where people obtain different information is on search engines. It is where they can find almost all of the answers to their questions and queries.

The giants in search engines are MSN, Yahoo, and Google. Once you have submitted or posted your free content on your sites, you are already on your way to better traffic and improved sales. This is because these three popular search engines alone can definitely generate better traffic because they have millions of visitors every single day.

4. Ezines

An ezine is basically a website that provides articles that people can use as a research source or information supply.

On its technical description, ezines are actually electronic magazines. Hence, from its basic meaning, ezines primarily function like magazines, providing various information and featured articles to the readers.

5. Discussion forums

Who says you only have to post your comments on discussion forums? What most online businesses donít know is that they can also post their free content to the different discussion forums available on the Internet today.

Here, you just have to find a topic that is associated with your business and participate in the forum. Then, you can already place your resource box that would link the potential customers to your site.

6. Link exchange

This is one way of getting some websites to agree to place your article as well as your link back to your site in their place. In turn, you will also place their free content as well as their links to your sites.

7. Press releases

These are sites that primarily focus more on press releases. Hence, if you have a press release about your product or simply about your site, you can post it on them.

8. Testimonials

Try to find sites that accept testimonials on their product. You can tell the website owner how they can benefit from your testimonials. But try to ask them if it would be okay to place your link along with your testimonial.

9. eBay

You can directly post your product for a sale on eBay. In turn, you can also place your links on the page so that interested people will be redirected to your site.

10. Network sites

These are the sites that are gradually obtaining recognition in the industry. With this, you can generate traffic without having to spend more money just to promote your product.

Now you know where to post your free content. So, all you have to do is to make as many articles as you can in order to generate more traffic to your site.

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