The Survival Guide for Affiliate Marketers

The Survival Guide for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing has become the most popular method of creating a residual online income. However, the reason why it has hit the number one spot isn't so much that it has the most people participating, because it doesn't. It is considered the most popular because it is the method of marketing that attracts the newest sign-ups in a given period of time. So, if it doesn't have the most participants yet it has the newest sign-ups, then this means that those involved in affiliate marketing is likely to experience the "team switching" syndrome. The "team switching" syndrome is nothing more than a label given to those who sign up under an affiliate marketing program, get frustrated, and then sign up with other affiliate marketing programs. When this happens repeatedly, they call it "affiliate team switching."

"Affiliate team switching" happens because an affiliate program seems more appealing than the one you are currently working with. Generally, these decisions are made on the promotional materials that are received, and then once you get into the programs, you discover that it is just much work as the one before that. So, what is an affiliate marketer to do?

First and foremost, once you have gained the understanding that affiliate marketing is work and it requires daily effort, make one final selection. This will be the affiliate program that is right for you based not on ease of income (because they are all pretty much the same) but on other factors. Your next key is applying the three basic survival skills that every affiliate marketer needs in order to be productive online.

The first basic guideline when delving seriously into the land of affiliate marketing is simply to promote each individual product on its own unique page and highlight that product as though it was your only one. By listing every product on its own unique web page, you are able to create tags, SEO articles on the site, and index them with Google all while giving that particular product a leg up on those around you who will save a little money on hosting fees and present their website products all on one page.

Create a sense of energy and desire around that product. You can do that through basic testimonials and articles. Testimonials are not hard to get or to come up with. All you really need to do is find three or four people who really loved what you sell and ask their permission to reprint what they have stated about the product online. By the way, it is illegal to make up pretend testimonials.

Articles can be extremely effective in producing web content keywords as well as education for the user. Well written, in point, articles are priceless and should never be taken for granted and slapped together without a thorough understanding of how to optimize for search engine results and how to develop an informative and catchy article that readers will want to trade their time to read. In many cases, you can get a lot of fresh and insightful content by hiring a freelance writer. For around $10 per article, you can spruce up your website's information, attract Google results, and get your affiliate marketing business rocking and rolling.

Making strong use of your autoresponder after a potential client has left your website is hands down the most effective method of bringing that potential back to your website. In fact, many affiliate marketers have seen a dramatic increase in their sales simply by adding strong autoresponder messages. While you want to avoid "selling" them in these messages, you do want to draw their attention to their need for the product and how awesome your product is and what it can do for them. Again, you can hire a writer to create the autoresponder messages if you struggle to create your own powerfully moving messages without selling the product directly.

The more reasons you have to have optional communications with prospective clients, the better. Offer them free reports, an email list option, and other pertinent information that goes along with the product you are selling. Again, since every product you are offering is going to go on a different web page, you should be doing this for every product you have listed, whenever possible.

Every successful affiliate marketer should take the time to publish, or once again hire someone to write the content, numerous articles for e-zine publications, public message boards where appropriate, and article submission sites and press releases to help initiate the contact between your potential client and your website. Article writing once again throws your associated keywords out there into Google's view and also helps to draw readers in who will then take a look at your website and your product. If you can write your own high quality, content-driven, keyword enhanced articles then you are more than likely to drive additional traffic to your website. If you can write them yourself, then write two or three per day while you are building up toward your first one hundred. After your first one hundred hit the internet, evaluate what changes are required before moving on.

This type of dedicated effort can help boost the affiliate marketer into action that can be monitored with results that can be seen. Taking these basic guidelines and sticking with one affiliate marketing plan is the road map to your success


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