Lessons Learned From Spending Dollars on Facebook Ads

Lessons Learned From Spending Dollars on Facebook Ads

Do you have any idea what are the most popular advertising network out there is?
Google AdWords.

 Do you know what the number two most popular ad network out there is?
Facebook ads.

But running Facebook ads is not as simple and easy as you think. I spent a ton of money on Facebook, and I am going to show it to you, my mistakes, so that way, hopefully, you can be much more successful than I was. Hi everyone, In this article, I am going to share with you three important lessons learned from spending over so much money on Facebook ads. 

The first lesson I learned is, don't spend money on buying subscribers. A lot of the money I spent was to build up my fan page to create Fan’s. Facebook's Algorithms keep on changing and yes, they may restrict how much viral your post or your video content can end up going, and a lot has to do with your content. If your content is not amazing, you are not going to get a lot of reaches. But if you're going to be spending money, make sure there's ROI in it. I used to have this concept in which, Facebook's like a well, you just keep getting the subscribers, and then you can keep going back and back to them for the traffic, kind of like a well. You build a wall, and then you can keep going back and back and getting more and more water. But that was a huge mistake. Don't make the mistake I was making. I was better off spending money per click to get people to my website, drive them to a product or service page, and generate revenue. During my peak, I was getting a three to one. That means, for every dollar of spending on ads, I was generating three dollars in revenue. That's a huge ROI, and that was when I was selling info products. I eventually stopped selling info products, because I did not like selling them, but it just shows Facebook advertising is really effective.

 The second thing I learned when you are doing ads, the best performing ads are videos by far. No one wants to create videos. Everyone wants to do banners because they are the easiest, but if you take the time to do videos, your cost is a lot less and your conversions are a lot higher. When you are optimizing for videos, make sure the text, there is a transcription, and it automatically starts playing, because video ads, the sound does not automatically show up for people. You want to have the transcription going there, so people can read, they are going to be much more likely to convert. With your video, it needs to convey emotions, it needs to be a pretty good length. You need to really get people hooked, tell a story, because if you don't and you just try to get people to click through to your website and have the cheapest amount of clicks, it won't necessarily generate you the most amount of revenue. Do not optimize just for spend reduction, optimize for ROI. It is okay to be spending an extra dollar per click if you're making more money. Do not focus on how much you are paying per click. Focus on how much revenue you are really generating for how much you are spending.
That's the key to Facebook ads.

The third tip I have for you, and this is what most people don't tell you, especially if you're running banners, in Facebook's algorithm, they look at hey this is a new ad, we are going to push it, give it a priority, and see how it does within the first few minutes or hour of it being up there. So what we started doing is, we would show up ads, and within an hour of them being up, we would keep changing up the creative and the text or stopping them and running new ones. By doing this, we were getting much cheaper impressions and premium placements, and we were generating a much higher ROI in our ads. Most people won't do this, because they're like oh this is too time-consuming. But I know you not, that one little thing during our peak was reducing our spend by over 100 dollars. If you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, that is a huge saving. Now eventually, as we kept scaling it out, we couldn't keep doing that, but we still do it with a lot of our campaigns, and still, to this day, when we are selling products for our clients, we are rotating up they're creative so often, it is generating a much higher ROI. They think we are crazy, but hey you have got to do what you have to do if you want to compete in this competitive landscape, especially when Facebook ads continue rising in cost. So hopefully you have learned from my experiences and my mistakes, and best of luck with your Facebook ads.

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