A Guide To Marketing Yourself Online

A Guide To Marketing Yourself Online

How to make a business grow up

If you are looking to expand your business, it is a smart plan to actually get into the promoting subject of all of this.

Marketing or promoting yourself or your business means that you should make aware of your products or services to the users.
If you do not promote, you will not get your business out there, and if you do not get your business out there, however, can you expect to ever build money?
Look at some of the big-name brand companies out there such as Dell, Panasonic, Creative Labs, Logitech, we all know these brands because they all market their companies.
Now, these companies make billions of dollars a year, and I don't expect you to spend that much, in fact, there is no real need for it right now, maybe some time in the future when you're making more money with profits, than with spending habits.
But for now, let's stick with a few simple, inexpensive ways to market yourself, your service, or your business on and offline.

Communicate with your clients -
I'm a big believer that business shouldn't be a "wham bam thank you ma'am" type of deal.
Don't just send auto-emails, auto-scripts, or anything else auto to your potential clients.
And always be sure to do a follow-up email, if they do or if they don't become customers.
You never know when Mister X just dropped Business ABC because they were doing something he didn't care for.
You shoot Mister X an email and poof, you got his interest.
You guys talk, converse, and he says "hey I like you ABC, let's do some work!
Another big thing, some people are Complete professionals. Others put a sense of their real personality into their business. I like to do a little bit of both.
First off when you show your real side (nothing crude, crass or nasty) such as making a joke, or being "real" with said potential customer, but you also talk to them in a professional knowledgeable manner, they think okay now this guy/girl really knows what they are talking about but, I can also tell that they are a good
Believe it or not, people like knowing you are an honest hard-working individual.

Unique Marketing -
So pens and letterheads are a great way to promote your business to potential clients, but what about some other unique imaginative ways?
Try thinking outside the box, without going overboard.
The prospect will enjoy your uniqueness and it will also stand out from all the other marketing packages he or she receives.

Market It Publicly -

You don't need a high priced firm to do PR for you.
There are actually several different ways you can do this on your own or do it inexpensively.
Firstly, there is a media resource from Shock PR; this product is a "PR in a box" type of deal, which includes tips, instructions, templates, and more which will help you on how to prepare and deliver your press releases.
Also, another popular way is to hire an article writer.
These guys don't just write articles, they will pretty much write anything you want.
I have done a few press releases in my time, some were submitted, some were given back to the company and they did whatever they wanted with them.
Also, if you are creating ANY sort of PR you should be sure to add a news page to your blog or website and publish the content there as well.
You can also add the PR to your marketing kit and include a little note that says something like "Recently Seen In.." This brings major attention to you!
With some of my customers, I know not only their name, but their kid's names, their spouses, what they do for a living, I even know some stuff which can be perceived as "overshare" but I guess that's what happens when your polite, trusting, loyal, and open.
Remember you might receive 200 NEW customers a month, but you will always have those 400 close business relationships that will always be there, will always be sending you to work, and that is stable, well I don't want to say profits because that sounds wrong, but ya profits.

Email Marketing -
If you have a website, get a mailing list and autoresponder from a place like Aweber.
This will allow people to have the option to opt-into your mailing list.
Once you have them on your list, you can use that list to send specials, sales, and even new product announcements.
It's like a virtual billboard of sorts that only your potential (and real-time) customers can see. 
If you have a food blog, try not to send them emails about snow tired for automobiles.
Or do, but don't just send that, also send something relevant.
If you follow a few of the simple suggestions listed above, you will seriously start to see a difference in not only your business but your profits, your customers you
For example, for the email marketing suggestion, if you do it legit rather than spam, people will appreciate it.



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