3 Powerful SEO Tips to rank on Google

3 Powerful SEO Tips to rank on Google

Well, I really don't like to say it, but it's actually really hard. years ago it used to be really easy but now it's hard. And you know what? Unless you read this whole article, you're not gonna be able to rank number one on Google. In this article, I will be sharing you three ways through which you can rank number one on Google today. I got started in SEO when I was years old. I created this website called Techmastery. It no longer exists. If you search for it, you are not going to see my blog. It was a replication and a shitty replication of Digitaltrends.com And when I created the website, I thought, "Oh its really cool, this is it. "People are going to come to visit my site "and I am going to get traffic." But you know what? I popped up the website and no one came to it. From that point, I actually realized there was something called (Search Engine Optimization) SEO that I need to do. I paid a few marketing companies to assist me with SEO so that I could rank number one on Google But you know what? I gave them money and I did not get any results. Eventually, as a -year-old kid, I lost all my money. You only can make so much money cleaning cars and gardening for others. So I had to learn it. But Initially, when I first started, it was way too simple as just putting the keywords on your website and you could get good ranking. I wished it was that easy these days. Number one. Focus on content. Check Google has this update called Hummingbird, and with this update what they decided to do is websites who just have full of content on everything would not do as well as websites who focus only on one single niche and are super thorough. For Eg: Let's say you have a website on dating. If you have a website for dating, and your article is talking about 10 Ways You Can Land a Date, or 10 Ways You Can Land Your Dream Date, if you end up breaking down, they go to Match.com, sign up, and you'll find a match after you create a profile, you're not going to do that well. But if you write an article on how to create a profile on Match.com, the ideal picture, the ideal description, how to be funny, how to even maybe add video, I do not know, I have not been on these dating sites in for ages, but if you go really in-depth, and you breakdown every little thing that they should do, and then after you breakdown Matchmaker.com, you after talking about Tinder, then talk about Bumble, you then talk about eHarmony, all the platforms, you then even discuss how you should reply to people and engage with them, should you be hitting people up, what's the first thing you should start saying to them, how should you reply, where should you go for the first date, right, how to carry from your first date and ask them for the second date, but if you are super thorough and your content is amazing that people are like, "Huh, wow, I read this article. "I don't have any more questions. "And I know what to do next," that's how thorough you need to be.

So go deep in your content, and as deep as you can, and fill them all up, so then that way people are like, "This is the end of all site "that you should end up reading "if you are interested in dating online." Actually, which seems to be funny, I wish dating was this much easy when I was young. I could not just swipe an app like a matchmaker and find the next match. I was sitting next to my buddy, Mark the other day, and he kept swiping on Tinder, and he's like, "Check this out," swipe, instant match, swipe, instant match. plus matches within a few minutes. But back in my old days, you would have to go to a restaurant and meet new people and actually talk to them. Alright so now that we got that out of the way.

Let us check the Second tip if you want to rank number one on Google. The second tip is to optimize your title tag and your meta description. Have you ever done a Google search, and did you noticed that every time you do a search, there is a link at the top, and this one sentence with the link at the top is known as the title tag? And the description which you can see below is called the meta description.

3 Powerful SEO Tips to rank on Google

Now just think of it this way, if you search for the phrase online dating, and you do not see the word online dating in neither the title or neither the description, are you going to click on the result?

Well if you are, there is something wrong, 'because why would anyone click on a result that is not related to what you are looking for? In addition to it, have you ever done a search for a term’s like online dating? And have you ever noticed that the word isn't in the title or description?

This is because Google tracks who is clicking on what listing and they have learned it that when a keyword is in the listing, that same keyword that you are searching for, their algorithm knows it better you are way more likely to click through. So in your title tag and your meta description, make sure you include the keywords. But you cannot just include the keyword like online dating, right?

The easy way and what I would do and I wish it was this simple, I will just put online dating, online dating, online dating, online dating. If I could put it times so people would know that the article is on online dating, I wish I would get more clicks. But it's not that simple. Definitely, you have to include the keyword in your title and your description, but it has to be appealing. If it does not flow in a sentence, it is not easy to read, and it is not appealing or evoking curiosity, no user is going to click through.

Let us check the Third Tip which is for you is to use Google Search Console. Do you know that Google gives you a tool that also teaches you about how to rank number one on Google? Yes I know that might sound ridiculous but it is true, and it's called Google Search Console. If you are not already a user of it, sign up. It doesn't cost a dollar. You're missing out if you're not using it. So now, that you are using Google Search Console, try and give it a few days because it takes some time to populate your website's data. You will see a screen that shows Search Analytics and this shows you all the web pages on your website that are getting you traffic. But the cool thing about Google Search Console is they do also show you which articles are getting impressions. And here is what is meant by impressions, you know when you do a Google search, you do not always click on a result, right? If you did, then you would be clicking through on results every time you did a search. That would be insane. What Google shows is how many people are seeing your listing and clicking through, and how many people don't click through. So they show you exactly how many Impressions you are getting, the Clicks, and the Click Thru Rate. And what you'll find is, in general, you're lucky if you're getting around a % click-thru rate, sometimes. But in most cases, most of your pages are going to be getting less than % click-thru rate. Now the cool part about Google Search Console is that they show you all the keywords that you are getting impressions for and all the ones you are getting clicks for. Now remember the first tip was about content thoroughness, and you want an article that speaks about everything under the sun, well you can use Google Search Console to tie in back to the first tip. So the numbers one and three are related in which you need to take all the keywords you are getting impressions for and start adding them to your content. Now don't just put them in and have your content to be keyword rich where someone reads it and all it is online dating, Tinder, eHarmony, dating online, meeting someone from online dating, right? If someone was reading your article and it sounded just like that, they are going to bounce off your site because that means your content is not good and it just has too many keywords. It has to flow naturally and be educational. So you need to take those keywords that you are seeing in Google Search Console, and add them to your article. Now we have an article on Instagram, and it teaches you how to get over targeted Instagram followers per day. The article is around words. When I first wrote that article, it wasn't, words, it was roughly. I logged into Google Search Console and saw all the people that are searching for terms related to the article, I added them in that article. I made it more thorough and you know what? My traffic more than tripled to that article. Yes, it is that simple. And when I made that change, it didn't happen right away, but I noticed the results within days. That's not a long time. So now let's recap on the tips.

1) Make your content super thorough. 

2) Make sure you include the keywords within your title tag and meta description, but also when you're doing your title and description, make sure you're evoking curiosity, and You are creating amazing titles that everyone wants to read and click through your article.

3) Use the free tool that Google gives you that will help you ranking number one. That's Google Search Console. Use these three things and you can definitely rank number one, not in the future, but right now. Now that you have learned these three tips, I challenge you in which I want you to take these tricks and implement them, and then after you implement them, track your results. If you're not doing well, that means I am not happy. And I know these tricks work, and that is why I am challenging you. Because if you implement them, you are going to see results, and you are going to be ecstatic, and your life is going to change. Hence I challenge you to take action on this and implement these three steps. Now I know you may be busy, and you may not be able to do all of them right away but just pick one. It doesn't have to be time-consuming. Pick any one of them, make the change, and maybe you can start with the second trick because that is the easiest one. Implement it and you will definitely start seeing results right away. So make sure you share this article with your friends.


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