Ganesh Chaturthi five common places for visarjan in mumbai

Ganesh Chaturthi five common places for visarjan in mumbai

Today, each nook and corner of town are going to be full of the chants of 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' for one last time as Lord Ganesh can bid good-by once a taking residence for 10-long days. Ganesa Visarjan, that is associate integral associated an indivisible a part of the Ganesa Chaturthi competition, may be a sight to lay eyes on on the as idols of Lord Ganesh, huge and tiny can build their thanks to numerous water bodies for the ultimate immersion. Here's a listing of high places across town wherever you'll be able to witness Ganesa Visarjan all told its beauty and fervour.

Girgaon Chowpatty, Marine Drive:

When one speaks concerning Ganesa Visarjan in metropolis the primary that factor crosses one's mind are going to be the long-lasting Girgaon Chowpatty. Girgaon Chowpatty or because it is commonly referred to as 'Chowpatty' is one in all the foremost popular beaches of metropolis settled opposite Wilson faculty and joins the long-lasting Marine drive that is thought to witness thousands of immersion of the idols of Lord Ganesa on the Ganesa Visarjan day. Most of the roads resulting in the Girgaon Chowpatty remains closed throughout the occasion because the beach witness a number of the largest Ganesa Visarjan. Lalbaugcha Raja, Ganesa Gallicha Raja, Tejukyacha Raja ar a number of the foremost common Ganesa Idols that ar immersed at Girgaon Chowpatty.

How to reach: because the roads are going to be filled with thousands of devotees and plenty of Ganesa idols, it's suggested to require a train until Marine Lines or Grant Road station on the Western Railway and so walk right down to the beach that is concerning ten minutes faraway from the station.

Juhu Beach/Chowpatty, Juhu:

Situated within the suburbs of metropolis, the Juhu Beach is one in all the foremost common beaches of metropolis and one that witnesses thousands once a year throughout the Ganesa Visarjan day. Devotees from Juhu and its neighboring areas head straight to the beach with the idol of Lord Ganesh for its final journey once the 10-day long competition culminates on the Visarjan day. The Ganesa Visarjan procession starts by midday and goes on till the wee hours of successive day. With over thousands of individuals walking into the ocean to immerse the idols of Lord Ganesh, the sight is to lay eyes on.

How to reach: All roads resulting in Juhu beach can principally be cordoned off by the metropolis police to confirm sleek and safe immersion of the Ganpati idols. If you are getting to head to Juhu Chowpatty to witness Ganesa Visarjan then get off at Santacruz or Khar train depot on the Western Railway and board a neighborhood bus to achieve the destination.

Versova Beach, Versova:

The Versova Beach, that is taken into account to be one in all the cleanest beaches of metropolis is found a couple of kilometres faraway from the popular Juhu Beach. Devotees of Lord Ganesh from Versova and therefore the near areas throng the community beach with their Ganesa idols for its final journey as they bid good-by amidst music, dance, and revel. The Versova Beach witnesses Ganesa Visarjan on a far larger scale.

How to Reach: One will get off at the Andheri train depot on the Western Railway associated thenceforth catch a neighborhood bus or an auto-rickshaw to reach the Versova Beach. The beach is concerning 20-30 minutes distance from the Andheri train depot however differs consistent with traffic.

Powai Lake, Powai:

Powai Lake, that is settled within the classy neighbourhood of Hiranandani, is another famed place wherever one will witness Ganesa Visarjan on a grand scale. though not as famed because the Juhu Beach or Girgaon Chowpatty, Powai Lake witnesses lesser crowd for the immersion of Lord Ganesh.

How to Reach: so as to reach Powai lake, get off at Andheri Station on the WR and so one will board a neighborhood bus to the spot of immersion so as to witness the grandeur of Ganesa Visarjan by the shore.

Gorai breakwater, Borivli:

Gorai breakwater is another place in metropolis that is thought to witness thousands transferral the idols of Lord Ganesh amidst dance and jubilant celebrations for its final immersion. individuals sound their feet to music and Dhol Tasha Pathaks as they carry the idols of Lord Ganesa from their homes and colonies to the beach for immersion may be a sight to witness. The Gorai breakwater may be a most popular immersion spot for individuals settled within the community Borivli and its neighboring areas.

How to reach: With hordes of individuals visiting to Gorai breakwater, one is suggested to induce off at Borivli station on the Western Railway and so catch a bus or associate autorickshaw so as to achieve the place of immersion.

The Ganesa Visarjan method in metropolis is one in all its kind events, that you merely cannot miss.