How you can start investing in Mutual Funds today

How you can start investing in Mutual Funds today

Well to begin with if you want to invest in mutual fund process is very easy you can invest through various online portals or else you can directly invest through AMC.

Funds which you invest through online portals are mostly regular mutual funds and funds invested through AMC are direct mutual fund, well now you might be in question what is the different between two. The NAV which you get in direct mutual funds is lil bit more and you get more returns when you redeem it where as NAV is less in Regular mutual fund. Here is an example in the screen shot below.

I hope now you are clear about direct and regular Mutual Fund.

How to invest in direct plan?

If you want to go for a direct plan then you will have to visit the AMC. Also you will have to complete one time KYC after which you can invest in any funds easily. Also you will be asked to complete application form with photo, pan card and your address proof. Now a days many of the online portal are also offering direct plan with which you can easily start investing in few steps.

How to invest in regular plan?

This is one of the convenient way if you don''t have time you can just register yourself with online portals and complete your  E-Kyc online as well if you have adhaar card with you and pan card and you are done. you can select the funds and invest through debit card/net banking very easily.

Next question arises is what is suitable  for you SIP/ Lumpsum.

Two primary ways of investing in a mutual fund is through SIP or one-time investment. One-time investment is considered when the investor has a big corpus to invest. While a SIP (systematic investment plan) is a recurring investment where throughout a period of time, investors deposit a recurring amount either monthly, quarterly or annually. SIP has various benefits over one-time investment.

So if you have any long term goal this is the best time to get started with Mutual Fund.

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